Healing Rivers International

Reconnecting alienated hearts to a God who is Wildly 

If you would like to help...

Willing to help reap the harvest where ever we are (in a difficult nation now where God spoke to us to go) Pls email us for details at 
Hehealsthebrokenhearted at gmail.com

Please prayerfully consider standing with us

... Tax free through church or through Paypal.

Our Pay-Pal address ,write a note To Brian and Mirte Longridge):
(Copy this email address to the Paypal site.)

(Below is a link you can click on, or just type in www.paypal.com
Paypal :   https://paypal.com   (click to go to Paypal))

Netherlands:  from within Holland through VPE (AOG) missions:
To: Stichting VPE Zending 
NL53 INGB 0000 1859 85 - 
Don't forget to put tnv. Brian and Mirte A. Longridge or we won't receive it :)

Directly to our Dutch Abn Amro bank:  

Name: Brian Longridge

Swift (or Bic/ Routing) : ABNANL2A 

IBAN: NL70 ABNA 0518451399

Bank address: Grotestraat 29 g, 5431 DH Cuijk, Netherlands


Or if you want to use credit card, you could buy some of our music for support <3

Thank you, thank you! ! ! 

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